Experts remind: Don't stick to the high price HPV vaccine as soon as possible and benefit as soon as possible

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  In order to further promote the science popularization of cervical cancer prevention for women of the right age and improve the health level of women, the first cervical cancer prevention talk show with the theme of "good health, good palace class, leading role of science popularization" opened in Beijing. Tan Xianjie, chief physician of gynecology and obstetrics of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Zou Shien, chief physician of gynecology and obstetrics of Fudan University Affiliated Hospital of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and Chen Qiuping, head of health care department of Liulitun Community Health Service Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, took the stage to popularize the knowledge of cervical cancer disease and prevention to the public in a new form and humorous words, helping to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer.

  The incidence rate of cervical cancer is rising, showing a younger trend

  Cervical cancer is a common female malignant tumor. In 2020. there will be about 604000 new cases of cervical cancer and 342000 deaths worldwide. In 2020. there are about 110000 new cases of cervical cancer in China, and the death toll is about 59000. accounting for 18% of the global cases of cervical cancer and 17% of the total deaths due to cervical cancer. As China's economic and social development, industrialization and urbanization continue to accelerate, and the living environment and lifestyle of residents change rapidly, the incidence rate of cervical cancer continues to increase, showing a trend of youth, and the average age continues to decline.

  In 2020. the World Health Organization announced the Global Strategy for Accelerating the Eradication of Cervical Cancer. In recent years, China has attached great importance to women's health and actively implemented various cervical cancer prevention policies and key actions. In January 2023. the National Health Commission and other 10 departments issued the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Action Plan for Accelerating the Eradication of Cervical Cancer (2023-2030), which clearly pointed out that by 2030. the pilot work of HPV vaccination for school-age girls will continue to be promoted; The screening rate of cervical cancer in school-age women reached 70%; The treatment rate of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions reached 90%.

  Tan Xianjie pointed out that although cervical cancer is dangerous, there are actually three opportunities to prevent it, that is, three-level prevention, that is, primary prevention to reduce HPV infection through vaccination of HPV vaccine and healthy lifestyle, secondary prevention to timely detect and deal with precancerous lesions through cervical cancer screening, and tertiary prevention to perform surgery and radiotherapy for confirmed cervical cancer.

  Inoculate as soon as possible, don't cling to high-priced HPV vaccine

  China is the country with the largest number of approved HPV vaccines in the world. There are five HPV vaccines for women aged 9 to 45 years old, including imported bivalent HPV vaccine, four-valent HPV vaccine, nine-valent HPV vaccine and two domestic bivalent HPV vaccines. Statistics show that from 2018 to 2020. the number of HPV vaccination in China increased year by year, from 3.417 million doses in 2018 to 12.279 million doses in 2020. but the vaccination rate still needs to be improved.

  Zou Shien said that some female friends insisted on waiting for the high-priced HPV vaccine instead of vaccination, so they missed the "golden time" to prevent cervical cancer. We should avoid blindly waiting for high-priced HPV vaccines, which will not be worth the loss if infected in the process of waiting. We should encourage the public to adhere to the principle of "early vaccination and early protection", and choose flexibly according to vaccine resources and their own economic conditions.

  In China, more than 84.5% of cervical squamous cell carcinoma cases are associated with HPV type 16 and 18 infection. In this regard, Zou Shien pointed out that HPV16 and HPV18 are the most important types of HPV high-risk types, and bivalent, four-valent and nine-valent HPV vaccines can be covered. Vaccination of bivalent HPV vaccine can prevent most cervical cancer and precancerous lesions, and cancer prevention is "sufficient". No matter what price of vaccine, early vaccination is "valuable".

  Accelerate vaccination at young age and improve the primary prevention and defense line of cervical cancer

  As the "gatekeeper" of residents' health, the grass-roots community health service center plays an important role in the prevention of cervical cancer at the grass-roots level. Through carrying out activities such as cervical cancer disease science popularization and HPV vaccine vaccination, it spreads scientific, correct and effective cervical cancer science popularization information and improves the vaccination rate of HPV vaccine. At the same time, providing HPV vaccination services for school-age women is also one of the important tasks of the health care department of the community health service center.

  Chen Qiuping pointed out that at present, community health service centers can vaccinate imported and domestic HPV vaccines; At the same time of popular science diseases, with the help of the online reservation platform, more people who need to be vaccinated with HPV vaccine will be provided with a faster reservation channel. Help accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer by continuously improving HPV vaccination services. "We also actively remind women of the right age to reduce their vaccine-related hesitation and avoid missing the best vaccination time because of persisting in waiting for high-priced HPV vaccines."

  At present, the incidence of cervical cancer is becoming younger, and many women have begun to bring their children to consult about HPV vaccination. In response, Chen Qiuping said that the position document on HPV vaccine issued by the World Health Organization emphasized that the primary target population for HPV vaccination was girls aged 9 to 14 years old, and two doses of HPV vaccine were recommended. This vaccination method is more economical and convenient, which is of great significance for improving vaccine accessibility and vaccination rate.

  The prevention of cervical cancer should not be "one shot", but should adhere to regular screening

  After the primary prevention with HPV vaccine, combined with regular cervical cancer screening for secondary prevention, it is also crucial to block cervical cancer lesions in the precancerous and early cancerous stages. Cervical cancer can be screened by cervical HPV test and TCT test (liquid based thin layer cell test). In order to detect cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancer as soon as possible, experts recommend that women over 25 years of age who have sex should be screened regularly. They can go to the cervical department, gynecology department or women's health department of the hospital and develop a screening plan according to the doctor's recommendations.

  Tan Xianjie said that cervical cancer prevention cannot be "one shot". Women of the right age who have sex also need to undergo cervical cancer screening after completing HPV vaccination. Generally, it is recommended to check once every two years and adjust the frequency according to the results of the first screening. Early detection and treatment of cervical cancer can help patients get rid of the disease as soon as possible and reduce the mortality of cervical cancer. Zou Shien also suggested that there was no need to panic when HPV infection or cervical lesions were found, just go to a regular medical institution. Whether infected with HPV or not, cervical cancer can be prevented by HPV vaccination combined with cervical cancer screening.

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