What behaviors can cause hearing loss in children? Parents should pay attention

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  March 3 is the "National Ear Care Day", and this year's theme is "Scientific Ear Care and Active Health". After hearing loss, children will have problems such as growth retardation and language dysfunction. Experts said that more than half of hearing loss in children can be avoided and prevented.

  Hearing loss may also occur after newborn screening

  With the popularization of newborn hearing screening in China, the diagnosis time of congenital hearing loss has been advanced to less than 6 months. However, there are still many children with normal hearing at birth and hearing loss due to genetic factors, ear infection, virus infection, noise exposure, etc., also known as "delayed hearing loss". "Delayed hearing loss" has a strong concealment, especially for infants who can't speak, which is not easy to be found, and often leads to children failing to get effective treatment and hearing intervention at the first time.

  Ni Xin, the chairman of the Pediatric Surgery Branch of Chinese Medicine, said that the child's overall language development was relatively slow, so he might have poor hearing and some sounds. His response was very slow. That is to say, after we made a sound here, the child did not hear it, so it should also attract the attention of parents. For example, when watching TV, it is easy for him to tilt his head. First, because he may have some squint problems in his vision, he may not be able to hear in one ear, so he will tilt his head to watch TV. Our parents must pay close attention to it. If necessary, we can take our children to various medical institutions to check whether their hearing is damaged.

  Whether the hearing loss is reversible is related to the type of damage. Generally speaking, hearing loss caused by otitis media and traumatic tympanic membrane perforation can be recovered by timely treatment; In case of explosive deafness or sudden deafness, the hearing loss of some people can be recovered if the degree of hearing loss is light or the treatment is timely. However, if the damage is serious or the best treatment opportunity is missed, it may not be completely recovered.

  Ni Xin, chairman of the Pediatric Surgery Branch of Chinese Medicine, said that if such tinnitus symptoms occur, or if you feel that your ears are stuffy and your hearing is poor, you should go to the hospital in time. Within 72 hours, we will dilate blood vessels, conduct neurotrophic therapy, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which will be very good for his/her hearing recovery.

  Genetic factors of deafness can be used to reconstruct hearing through surgery

  There are many reasons for hearing impairment in children. Congenital hearing impairment is one of the most common birth defects in humans. Mental injury, drug poisoning or disease and other factors may cause acquired hearing impairment.

  Newborn deafness is mostly caused by genetic factors, with the focus on prevention, early detection and early treatment. Experts said that if children are diagnosed with severe hearing impairment, they can choose to implant cochlear implants to reconstruct their hearing.

  Zheng Jun, chief physician of Beijing Children's Hospital: We'd better have the surgery done within the age of one or two. The effect will be particularly good. The peak of language training is at the age of three. After the age of three, it will go downhill. For example, a child with severe (hearing impairment) will never speak. When you want a child aged four or five to finish the surgery, sometimes his brain (the function in charge of hearing) will degenerate, After degradation, he said that our (cochlear implant) machine is very good, and the sound is also very good. His understanding will be a little poor.

  Experts said that children with hearing impairment can gain auditory perception and further learn language after wearing cochlear implants. Children's learning and growth are closely related to their vocabulary before the age of 2. With the extension of wearing time, children's vocabulary is gradually enriched, and language understanding and expression are gradually strengthened.

  Children wearing earphones may cause more hearing damage than adults

  Nowadays, it is very common for children to wear earphones. Compared with adults, because children's hearing system is not fully developed, wearing earphones too loud and for too long will damage their hearing, which will cause more damage than adults.

  Experts said that the maximum volume of headphones should not exceed 60%, continuous listening should not exceed 60 minutes, and the external sound should not exceed 60 decibels.

  Ni Xin, chairman of the Pediatric Branch of Chinese Medical Association, said that earphones are an important way to prevent hearing damage. Don't wear earphones when you are going to bed. Finally, parents are advised to let children wear earphones as little as possible to avoid hearing damage.

  In life, parents are the first responsible person for children's health. They should consciously avoid exposing children to noise. When there is a sudden noise, they can let children block their ears with their hands and open their mouth. Children's toys should also pay attention to decibels and avoid excessive noise.

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