The highest net profit is 17.5 billion! 236 pharmaceutical enterprises print transcripts

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  The disclosure of the 2022 annual report of A-share listed companies began. Up to now, 12 pharmaceutical companies have issued performance reports, 224 have issued performance forecasts, of which 50% are expected to be happy.

  The net profit of Jiu'an Medical is up to 17.5 billion yuan, and many enterprises such as WuXi KangDe, Humanwell Pharmaceutical, Jichuan Pharmaceutical and Kailaiying have reached new highs. In terms of growth, more than 40 companies doubled, Shanghai Yizhong, Jiaying Pharmaceutical and Jiu'an Medical soared more than 10 times, and 14 companies including Taiji Group, Fu'an Pharmaceutical and Erkang Pharmaceutical turned losses into profits. In addition, 90 companies lost money.

  It is worth mentioning that in the same period last year, 248 pharmaceutical companies disclosed their performance, exceeding 70% of the expected results, 75 companies doubled their net profits and 55 companies lost money.

  01. The net profit of 17.5 billion yuan is amazing. Kailaiying, Jichuan... hit a new high

  Pharmaceutical enterprises with a net profit of more than 1 billion yuan

  From the perspective of the pharmaceutical enterprises that have disclosed their performance, 25 are expected to have a net profit of more than 1 billion yuan, of which Jiu'an Medical has a maximum of 17.5 billion yuan, and Wumingkangde, Humanwell Pharmaceutical, Jichuan Pharmaceutical, Kelun Pharmaceutical, Zhaoyan New Pharmaceutical, and Kailaiying have all reached new highs. Among the pre-happy enterprises, they involve the hot sectors such as traditional Chinese medicine, CXO, medical devices, and there are many scientific and technological innovation board enterprises such as Anxu Biology, Shuoshi Biology, and Yahuilong.

  Jiu'an Medical

  Net profit: 16.5 billion to 17.5 billion yuan

  Year-on-year growth: 1715.9%~1825.95%

  With regard to the soaring performance, Jiu'an Medical said that, affected by the epidemic, the demand for COVID-19 epidemic prevention products such as kits sold in the United States increased significantly, and the sales revenue of related products increased significantly. At the same time, with the increase in the sales of reagent kits, thermometer and other products in the United States, it has brought good brand awareness and user reputation, and promoted the sales of other products. It actively ensures the orderly production and operation, and achieves the timely delivery of orders.

  However, whether Jiu'an Medical's performance can continue to grow is the focus of the market.

  On February 1. Jiu'an Medical again swiped the screen and announced that it would invest 20 billion yuan in stock trading and financial management. Jiu'an Medical and its subsidiaries plan to use their own funds with a maximum amount of no more than (including) 17 billion yuan or equivalent foreign currency for entrusted financial management, and they plan to use their own funds with a maximum amount of no more than (including) 3 billion yuan or equivalent foreign currency for securities investment. It hopes to optimize the financial structure, make reasonable use of its own funds, and improve the efficiency of the use of funds and the rate of return.

  It is worth mentioning that Jiu'an Medical has created a myth that the market value of Jiu'an Medical has increased by 10 times in a year. As of the close of February 1. the market value of Jiu'an Medical was 25.9 billion yuan, up more than 5% this year.

  Jichuan Pharmaceutical

  Revenue: 8.996 billion yuan, up 17.90% year-on-year

  Net profit: 2.196 billion yuan, up 27.71% year-on-year

  On January 20. Jichuan Pharmaceutical disclosed its 2022 performance report. The growth rate of revenue and net profit were both double-digit, and the net profit exceeded the 2 billion yuan mark for the first time.

  Jichuan Pharmaceutical said that on the one hand, the performance growth was due to the large increase in the market demand of the company's main varieties of Pudlan Anti-inflammatory Oral Liquid and Children's Black Bean Curd Heat Clearing Granules in the fourth quarter of 2022; On the other hand, actively strengthen the expansion of sales channels, actively promote the development of blank markets and potential markets, and form new increments.

  On the same day, Jichuan Pharmaceutical released an announcement that Jichuan Pharmaceutical and its holding subsidiaries had a total of 30 drugs in the national medical insurance catalogue in 2022. of which 3 drugs were retained or newly included in the continuing discussion: Chuanxiong Qingnao Granule and Ganhai Weikang Capsule were successfully renewed and retained in the national medical insurance catalogue; Through medical insurance bidding, the concentrated solution of sodium magnesium sulfate for oral use was included in the national medical insurance catalogue for the first time. It will accelerate the market access and promotion of new medical insurance products, continue to deepen marketing management, optimize sales channels, increase R&D investment, enrich product lines, and improve sustainable development and profitability.

  02. More than 40 companies doubled and 14 companies turned losses into profits

  Pharmaceutical enterprises with a net profit increase of more than 100%

  In terms of growth, more than 40 enterprises doubled, including Shanghai Yizhong, Jiaying Pharmaceutical and Jiu'an Medical, which increased by more than 10 times; Taiji Group, Fu'an Pharmaceutical, Erkang Pharmaceutical and other 14 companies turned losses into profits. In addition, 90 companies suffered losses, mainly involving goodwill impairment, epidemic and other factors.

  Shanghai Yizhong

  Net profit: 150 million to 160 million yuan

  Year-on-year growth: 3852.72%~4102.9%

  Shanghai Yizhong is expected to have a net profit of 150 million to 160 million yuan in 2022. with a year-on-year increase of 3852.77% to 4102.95%, and a loss of 3.9971 million yuan in the same period of the previous year, realizing a turnaround. Shanghai Yizhong said that after the core product of paclitaxel polymer micelles for injection was approved for marketing at the end of 2021. the commercial production and sales of paclitaxel micelles had been officially carried out. In addition, its purchase of bank structured deposits and call deposits increased interest income and government subsidy income led to increased profits.

  It is worth noting that 2022 is the first profitable accounting year for Shanghai Yizhong after landing on the science and technology innovation board, which will also make it possible to remove the special logo U.

  On January 20. Shanghai Yizhong released an announcement that paclitaxel polymer micelles for injection were included in the "Chinese treatment guidelines for stage IV primary lung cancer (2023 version)" and used in combination with platinum for first-line chemotherapy of patients with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). It is understood that this product is an innovative dosage form of paclitaxel, a broad-spectrum anticancer chemotherapy drug, and belongs to the national major new drug development project. This listing in the guide will help to enhance the influence of the product, and also help to further expand and penetrate the product market.


  Net profit: 3.293 billion to 3.347 billion yuan

  Year-on-year growth: 208%~213%

  Carlyle's performance has grown rapidly in recent years, with its net profit soaring from 554 million yuan in 2019 to more than 3 billion yuan in 2022.

  Carlyle said that on the one hand, the small molecule business grew strongly and the economies of scale were effectively released. In 2022. it will fully implement lean management, improve operational efficiency and effectively release scale benefits, and continue to deliver high-quality large orders to boost the rapid growth of the whole year's performance; On the other hand, strategic emerging businesses are in full bloom, and the domestic market has entered the harvest period. Accelerate the rapid development of emerging business segments such as chemical macromolecule, clinical CRO, pharmaceutical CDMO, biological macromolecule CDMO, and the number of service customers and projects in each emerging business segment continues to grow. It is expected that the revenue of its emerging business segment will increase by more than 145% year-on-year; The domestic market has entered the harvest period, the customer pool of various businesses has been further expanded, and the post-clinical and commercial projects have continued to be fulfilled. It is expected that the domestic market revenue will increase by more than 140% year on year.

  03. The annual report market opened the "sweet cakes" for research by institutions in East China, Zhifei and Beijing Xincheng

  Top 10 pharmaceutical stocks surveyed by institutions this year

  Recently, the concept of innovative medicine and medical research services has erupted again, and the stocks of Zhaoyan New Medicine, Elis, and Kanglong Huacheng have risen in succession. However, the combination of factors such as the low valuation of pharmaceutical stocks, the introduction and implementation of favorable policies, and the opening of the annual report market has made many institutions' research on the pharmaceutical sector continue to heat up.

  In the survey, Zhifei Biology was asked about its performance in 2022. its operation, its highlights and its new goals in 2023.

  Zhifei Biotech said that it has always adhered to the "technology+market" dual wheel drive, and achieved a number of practical advances in technology research and development last year, such as the approval of the conditional launch of the recombinant COVID-19 protein vaccine, and the acceptance of the application for production registration of 23 valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine.

  Since this year, the leaders in the subdivided fields such as East China Pharmaceutical, Zhifei Biology, and Jingxin Pharmaceutical have become the "hot cakes" of institutional research. From the perspective of institutional types, they cover securities, investment, fund management and other companies.

  According to the analysis of securities companies, driven by policies such as medical insurance negotiation and centralized purchase normalization, the innovative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, CXO and other segments have benefited significantly, and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is expected to rise steadily in the recovery environment.

  Source: Oriental Fortune, company announcement

  Note: As of the closing of January 31. data statistics are welcome to correct any omission!

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