The release of three national standards for health equipment helps the interconnection of medical information

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  Recently, the three national standards, Personal Health Device Information Interaction Model (GB/T 42139-2022), Personal Health Device Communication Specification (GB/T 42123-2022) and Clinical Medical Device Communication Specification (GB/T 42204-2022), which were prepared by Beijing University of Technology and the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, were officially released and will be formally implemented on July 1. 2023.

  It is reported that these three standards belong to the field of "application of information technology in medical and health technology". The competent department is the National Communications Standardization Technical Committee, and the competent department is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The release of these standards will promote the consistency of health data transmission, interaction and communication between different devices, and promote the sharing of health information in different places and heterogeneous.

  Guo Shuli, a professor at the School of Automation, Beijing University of Technology, said that the existing personal health equipment information interaction has problems such as irregular coding or non-standard coding, multiple coding, inaccurate coding expression, and single coding attribute, and its network communication consistency, collaboration, and dynamic configuration support are not perfect. At the same time, in the communication of clinical medical imaging equipment, the medical image information generated by the medical digital imaging equipment developed and produced by different enterprises still cannot be fully shared to a large extent.

  Guo Shuli introduced that the Personal Health Equipment Information Interaction Model specifies the architecture, modeling rules and various types of personal health equipment information interaction model, and introduces the attribute name, attribute description and modeling rules of vital signs, sports and environmental personal health equipment; The Personal Health Device Communication Specification specifies the personal health device communication specification, including the communication model, protocol composition and plug and play between the personal health device and health information management terminals such as mobile phones; The Specification for Communication of Clinical Medical Devices Imaging Devices specifies the requirements for data communication of clinical medical imaging devices (including information exchange and data exchange supported by network communication), and how clinical medical imaging devices use the application layer, display layer, and session layer in the OSI network to communicate.

  Han Lina, a researcher at the Second Medical Center of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army and one of the persons in charge of the standard preparation, said that the next step would be to organize experts to carry out nationwide standard promotion activities to help China's independent telemedicine.

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