Good news! Mr. Zhu Kunfu was honored as the 11th Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker of Shandong Province

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Good news! Mr. Zhu Kunfu was honored as the 11th Excellent Scientific and Technological Worker of Shandong Province

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Recently, Shandong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department and Shandong Provincial Association of Science and Technology announced the list of outstanding scientific and technological workers in the 11th Shandong Province. Mr. Zhu Kunfu, Chairman of Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group, was among them, and was the only winner in Heze City.

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Mr. Zhu Kunfu has been engaged in medical related work for more than 30 years, has been committed to academic research and scientific research in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, and has made outstanding contributions in technological innovation, combating epidemic, serving the society, and science popularization. So far, Mr. Zhu Kunfu has published more than 60 academic papers and 6 monographs. He has been granted 17 national invention patents, 65 utility model patents and 14 software copyrights. He has successively won the Shandong Provincial Excellent Technological Innovation Award, the Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technological Innovation Award, the Shandong Provincial Invention and Entrepreneurship Award, the first prize of the Shandong Provincial Popular Science Creation Competition, the Shandong Provincial Enterprise Management Innovation Award, and the municipal excellent technological innovation award The municipal technological progress award and the highest scientific and technological award of Heze City, the Science and Technology Innovation Contribution Award of the Peony City of China, were awarded exemplary individual in Shandong Province's fight against the COVID-19, the most beautiful scientific and technological workers at the provincial level, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the municipal level, top professional and technical talents at the municipal level, and outstanding patent inventors at the municipal level. Mr. Zhu Kunfu is currently the chief expert of the Health and Wellness Branch of the National Health Association of China, the vice chairman and vice chairman of the Medical Modernization and Clinical Transformation Professional Committee of the National Medical Association of China, the consultant professor of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the guest professor of the Institute of Science and Technology Management of the Chinese Academy of Management, the president of the Shandong Cosmetics Association, and the vice chairman of the Shandong Popular Science Industry Promotion Association. He led the establishment of the Shandong Engineering Laboratory Shandong Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base, Shandong Provincial Industrial Enterprise "One Enterprise One Technology" R&D Center, Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Provincial Expert Service Base, Shandong Provincial Chronic Pain Diagnosis Technology Research and Innovation Center.

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It is reported that the selection of outstanding scientific and technological workers in Shandong Province is carried out once every three years, with no more than 100 people selected each time. The purpose is to set up a model, commend the advanced, encourage the majority of scientific and technological workers to actively participate in the strategy of "strengthening the province with talents" and the great cause of "rejuvenating the province through science and education", and promote the economic and social development of the province. The selection personnel are scientific and technological workers who have made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological research and development, popularization and promotion, training of scientific and technological talents, or promoting the integration of science and technology and economy in the fields of natural science, technological science, engineering technology and related sciences.

Mr. Zhu Kunfu said that he was honored to be awarded the title of excellent scientific and technological worker in Shandong Province this time, and will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts and make new contributions, shoulder the heavy responsibility entrusted by history, continue to advance into the breadth and depth of science and technology, and make new and greater contributions to the comprehensive opening of a new era of modernization and strong province construction!

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